Romanian and
Russian courses

Romanian and Russian language courses guarantee:

  • a general framework that enables the learner to address and work in a typical environment, addressing general problems;
  • an opportunity to enrich the acquired language through specialized
    Romanian and Russian language courses;
  • lessons focused on certain requirements formulated by students, such as
    writing letters, writing a report, making a speech,
  • lessons focused on speaking and developing
    communication skills to ensure clarity and fluency in speaking, both in general contexts and in specialized language contexts.

Organization of Romanian language courses and Russian

  • The courses can be organized individually, in small groups (3-4 people) or larger groups (maximum 10 people) at our offices or at the offices
    of your companies.
  • The American Linguistic Center defines Romanian and Russian language acquisition at three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced, but these courses can be followed
    by courses for specialized languages. For each of these modules we recommend 90 hours that we can structure according to
    your/company’s needs.
  • The Romanian and Russian language courses are a mixture of grammar, vocabulary, exercises, conversation, listening exercises, and the teacher
    pays attention to the special needs of the student and emphasizes those problems that were not very clear.

Course materials

The teacher adapts the course materials to the method chosen together with the students and generally prepares the study program – starting from
a multitude of existing textbooks, grammars and exercise collections – according to the needs and pace of progress of the students.


The evaluation is done periodically through tests which are then analyzed together with the student. At the end of the course, a diploma or certificate is issued (depending on the level) that specifies the learner’s level of knowledge in the five fundamental skills as well as his placement at one of the levels of the European Reference Framework.

*For more details you can contact us at +373 (79) 32 34 00 or 0 (22) 22-58-60