General English courses

General English courses

  • Lessons are conducted both offline and online
  • Target group: teenagers (14 – 18 years) and adults
  • The general English language courses aim to develop the five fundamental skills (understanding the spoken language, oral expression, understanding the written language, correct drafting of a written text, conversational interaction) in order to use the language actively in concrete situations, adapted to the needs of the students.
  • The groups are formed by levels following a placement test.
  • Maximum number of people in the group – 10.

General English
Intensive Course (2 months )


    Semester I: January – March
    Semester II: March – June Semester III: June – July Semester IV: September – October   Semester V: November – December

  • Number of academic hours per course – 90
  • The schedule of the intensive course:   
                            Hour                                             Days
                      9:00 – 11:15                    monday/ wednesday/ friday/ saturday 9:00 
                     16:00 – 18:15                    monday/ wednesday/ friday/ saturday 9:00 
                     18:30 – 20:45                    monday/ wednesday/ friday/ saturday 9:00 

*For more details you can contact us at +373 (79) 32 34 00 or

 0 (22) 22-58-60

General English
Extensive Course (4 months)

  • Semesters   

   First semester: January – May

   Second semester: September – December

  • Number of academic hours per course – 90
  • The schedule of the intensive course:
                       Hour                                                   Days
         9:00 / 16:00 / 18:30

               Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday – lesson duration 1h30


                           Tuesday / Thursday – lesson duration 2h15



  • Individual study: the schedule is established by mutual agreement with the teacher, and the study program is drawn up according to the individual needs of the client.
  • Individual lessons are conducted both online and offline.
  • Price: $16 per astronomical hour (60 minutes).
  • Teaching materials included in the price.

*For more details you can contact us at +373 (79) 32 34 00 or

 0 (22) 22-58-60


The lesson schedule depends on the type of organized course.
Intensive course (2 months)
Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 9:00
Time: 9:00 / 16:00 / 18:30/ Saturday 9:00
Duration of sessions – 2h15
Extensive course (4 months)
Days: Monday / Wednesday/Friday at 1h30 or Tuesday/Thursday at 2h15
Time: 9:00 / 16:00 / 18:30/

The school operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Yes, we recommend a written and oral test to all learners with poor
English skills to avoid misplacing them in groups. We skip testing for
learners who have ZERO knowledge of English.

Yes, testing is free and can usually take between 10-15 minutes.

Yes, every student who completes an English course at the American Language Center
receives a certificate if he meets the basic conditions: results of no less than 75% in the
final test (oral and written) and minimum 75% attendance during the entire course.

The groups are small, consisting of 6-10 people. More than 10 people in a group
cannot be.

1. Online – bank card
2. Bank transfer
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Address str.M.Kogalniceanu, 76
IBAN: MD80VI225100000103702MDL
in Victoriabank
bank fil.3 Bank code VICBMD2X

Yes, the school offers individual lessons, both online and offline. One-on-one lessons are
60 minutes long and cost $16. As a rule, we propose a set of 10 sessions, corresponding to USD 160.
The payment account is drawn up in Moldovan lei at the NBM rate on the day it is issued. The timetable is drawn
up in agreement with the teacher. Pre-registration at the tel. +(373) 79 323 400.

Yes, anyone who wants to can attend/participate in an English lesson, only with
prior registration at this phone number. +(373) 79 323 400.
The lesson is free.

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