About us


We train generations in  the spirit of 21st century skills:  communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity (according to Prof. Joe Ruhl). We believe in the role of mentors and quality teachers who  inspire and motivate  learners for their full training.


At the American Language Center, we believe that a memorable teacher does not teach English, but helps his students learn English. Our mission is to provide the most suitable environment for learning English and we are dedicated to supporting our learners (teenagers or adults, beginners or advanced level) in the pursuit of English as a life skill.



Integrity is our core value at the individual level. As an integral part of the American Councils for International Education, we naturally bring this value to the company. We are honest and integrity in everything we do and in the relationships we build with others.

Dedication and responsibility

We focus on the development and well-being of our students. We are dedicated to the educational process and pay maximum attention to every detail. We are responsible and always keep our promises.

Excellence in education

Through the way of working, through communication, approach and everything that represents us, we aim to be a professional benchmark of the best quality, a standard of excellence in the educational environment of the Republic of Moldova.


The passion for the English language is present in our lives and this is felt. We love the English language, so we can help our students train in the style of the American Language Center, with an emphasis on fluent English communication, creativity and a continuous desire to learn.


Every student, parent, teacher, employee or collaborator is respected and important to us. We care about people and how together we form communities of trust. We constantly aim to be useful and create value around us.


Communication with all learners and the American Language Center community is transparent, continuous and prompt. We are grateful for everything we learn in turn from our students and those close to us.