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The English course program for teenagers and adults developed by the American Language Center school is divided into  categories of English for beginners or advanced,  general or business English,  and the focus is always on conversation. The accumulation of basics and advanced ones will be done in an interactive and friendly way!

WHY CHOOSE a course program at the American Language Center?

  • you will benefit from over 20 years of experience of our teachers;
  • each learning session involves resources suited to your English level, and the courses are based on  communicative activities;
  • modern learning techniques and methods will help you visibly improve your fluency and pronunciation from one course session to another, especially when you are a beginner;
  • you will  enrich your vocabulary and grammatical structures;
  • you will have access to a  variety of online resources to help you learn English and improve your pronunciation outside of class;
  • the groups consist of a maximum of 8-10 students, and your group mates will have an English level very close to yours. Thus, it will not be necessary to go through notions that you already know or to make great efforts to “keep up” with your colleagues.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions.  Progress is the most important aspect of English courses for teenagers and adults, and this can only be monitored and ensured through quality feedback. Thus, the feedback to you is constant during the courses, but periodically you receive a written report about your evolution, mentioning the aspects that were well assimilated and those that required additional work.


At the end of each course we offer graduation certificates if you meet the following requirements: final test results (verbal and written) 75% and 75% of your attendance during the entire course, regardless of its intensity.