Academic Writing Course

This course should be of interest to Moldovan students planning to study abroad, especially in English-speaking programs. 

The course aims to prepare students for the demands of English-language academic writing while considering the specific needs of non-native English speakers. Course goals include increasing students’ academic vocabulary, improving their grammatical accuracy, and increasing their understanding of common academic writing formats. The course will cover basic techniques for organizing paragraphs and essays, strategies for constructing arguments, and how to avoid plagiarism. Students will gain experience and confidence through short reading and writing tasks as well as longer writing assignments.

The course will be taught by Amy Samuelson, an American with a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Students will thus have the opportunity to experience an American-style class format before going abroad.
This is a 10-week course with 2 meetings per week, each lasting 2 hours. The cost of the course is 2500 MDL. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the details of the course and to offer you some fliers.
American Language Center (Buiucani)
16/2, Ion Creanga Street
Chisinau, 2069, Moldova
tel.: 373 22 243337, 373 79 030824