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The American Language Center was founded in 1998 as a subdivision of the American Councils for International Education. We currently have over 20 years of experience in teaching English and over 14,000 graduates. We have English, Romanian and Russian courses with all levels from beginners (A0) to very advanced (C2). In addition to general English courses we also offer test courses such as TOEFL, Cambridge, BAC, IELTS and SAT. We also offer corporate courses for companies in the Republic of Moldova from various fields. All our courses are approved in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. In addition to foreign languages, we also have a library to encourage reading among our students, as well as to build an active and friendly community, we organize events such as discussion with natives, Movie Night, Spelling Bee and other activities that help us to be closer to the community.



Today’s world is fast developing, interdependent and more intercultural than ever. American Language Center prepares students to become global citizens, able to engage in global challenges and to lead their lives safely and freely through communication in one of the most popular foreign languages.


Knowledge of English is essential for access to the global information fund, given that it is constantly growing. Thus, knowing English, we become part of an international community.


Our goal is to provide quality courses, delivered by qualified teachers with experience gained over the years. We want to expand the network of people who want to deepen the study of this language, as a result, by connecting us together to the fast changing world.

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